As a designer and a mum, I’m very excited to see Muffin Break NZ‘s next kids meal promotion launch for the school holidays this Friday 13th April! They’re cute, they’re collectable and they were brought to life by bezign creative! Muffin Break were after a set of 8 muffin characters (which, by the way is quite tricky to achieve without them looking like cupcakes), who had personality and something clearly different about each that would make them all the more appealing to kids and collectable.

They started as 2D concepts and travelled through the 3D process into reality… (with a little help from a 3D renderer!)

Once the ‘Muffin Misfits’ identity was created and we named them all (who doesn’t enjoy a pun or two…), the little guys needed promoting so we designed posters, a collector’s card and some colouring in sheets.

In the kids meals you will get a sandwich, a Charlie’s juice and either a mini-muffin or cookie, plus a Muffin Misfit (they come in blind bags so the character will be a complete surprise), along with a collectors card with colouring in on the back.

There is also a VIP reward card included, so you can receive an additional Misfit character with every 3rd meal purchased.

There’s an easy-ish way to win a full set: just share your coloured in Misfit, including the tag #muffinmisfits to Instagram or Facebook, to go in the draw.

Jess and Ayva, cousins from NZ with their own You Tube channel, have done a review of the characters, and additional ways to win the whole set have been featured on various Auckland family based websites including Family Times and Auckland for kids

As Oliver’s dad is the GM of Foodco NZ, he got a sneak preview this week and was delighted! The fact he’s got a full set already won’t dampen his 3 year old enthusiasm for the surprise element and I can see this buying me significant Muffin Break coffee time over the holidays – #pesterpower

I hope you like them too, and if it goes well, this time next year I may be designing season 2!