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Muffin Break – Muffin Misfits

As a designer and a mum, I’m very excited to see Muffin Break NZ‘s next kids meal promotion launch for the school holidays this Friday 13th April! They’re cute, they’re collectable and they were brought to life by bezign creative! Muffin Break were after a set of 8 muffin characters (which, by the way is quite tricky to achieve without them looking like cupcakes), who had personality and something clearly different about each that would make them all the more appealing to kids and collectable.

They started as 2D concepts and travelled through the 3D process into reality… (with a little help from a 3D renderer!)

Once the ‘Muffin Misfits’ identity was created and we named them all (who doesn’t enjoy a pun or two…), the little guys needed promoting so we designed posters, a collector’s card and some colouring in sheets.

In the kids meals you will get a sandwich, a Charlie’s juice and either a mini-muffin or cookie, plus a Muffin Misfit (they come in blind bags so the character will be a complete surprise), along with a collectors card with colouring in on the back.

There is also a VIP reward card included, so you can receive an additional Misfit character with every 3rd meal purchased.

There’s an easy-ish way to win a full set: just share your coloured in Misfit, including the tag #muffinmisfits to Instagram or Facebook, to go in the draw.

Jess and Ayva, cousins from NZ with their own You Tube channel, have done a review of the characters, and additional ways to win the whole set have been featured on various Auckland family based websites including Family Times and Auckland for kids

As Oliver’s dad is the GM of Foodco NZ, he got a sneak preview this week and was delighted! The fact he’s got a full set already won’t dampen his 3 year old enthusiasm for the surprise element and I can see this buying me significant Muffin Break coffee time over the holidays – #pesterpower

I hope you like them too, and if it goes well, this time next year I may be designing season 2!


$10k & Woman’s Day

Recently I worked on an exciting project with Muffin Break NZ, designing the graphics for their (and my) first ever scratch card campaign. Launching today (Easter Monday), for every coffee you buy at Muffin Break, you receive a card (or 2 cards with a coffee + muffin, or x2 coffees) which may just be the lucky $10,000 winner! If not, there are thousands of chances to win free coffees and muffins.

Working with the marketing dept, I designed the scratch card and accompanying posters, shopalites and (most excitingly for me!) an advert which appeared in this weeks issue of Woman’s Day – New Zealand’s top selling women’s magazine.

Feeling pretty chuffed to have been involved in this, but not as chuffed as one lucky person will be when they walk away with a $10k coffee! Good luck 🙂

A new look!

Happy to present the fresh new look for BC! Celebrating 5 years in operation, and with a pleasing shift further into a more corporate client base, it felt like time for a regeneration to reflect the more ‘grown up’ nature of the business. The new logo maintains it’s heart icon, also acting typographically as the B & C, but is stripped right back to a linear form. I’ve stepped away from the orange as this lighter weight logo works better with the clarity of black and offers a nice neutrality. Design is often at it’s most sophisticated in its simplest form – a design ethic I live by – so it seems right this message should be evident in the new branding.

the bezign dept & Scarpetta, London.


I’ve been working directly with the founders of Scarpetta, the deluxe, authentic Italian restaurant on Cannon Street, London, for the past year.

Beginning with fresh new window vinyls which communicate their core values and offerings and then moving on to menus, a-boards, signage and marketing and sales tools to aid growth, we evolved the already smashing branding across these platforms. The food imagery is mouth watering (as is the food!) and the striking, bold and contemporary typography means no message is lost! Look out for their new restaurant in Canary Wharf .




“Bridget oversees all marketing graphics for our brand and she does an absolutely brilliant job every time. She is very talented but also extremely professional.”

Uberto Jasson
Co-Founder and Executive Director at Scarpetta







A few favourites…


2015 was a very busy year – mainly because I was chasing a toddler around daily but also because I started designing again on a part-time basis 2-3 nights a week. I had a great mixture of corporate work, branding projects and stationery to keep me up all hours. From a stationery point of view I had some lovely bespoke projects, of which I’ve pulled together a few favourites below.



Clare and Peter wanted a relaxed and informal feel to their design and knew they were after white writing reversed out of a charcoal colour with a sketch… “We are getting married beside my hometown harbour so would like to have an informal sketch of a lighthouse”… so the brief was very straightforward, but a lot of fun to create. The bride-to-be provided me with a photo of the actual lighthouse which I created the sketch from. The result is clean and modern with a whimsical feel to the typography.



Tom and Alina wanted something with a washed out colour feel and delicate use of lily of the valley combined with Russian doll inspired elements. On their tables they had little Russian doll favours with one of the dolls being Scottish (Tom is Scottish – obviously!) so I also created a little icon of Russian dolls which added a nice sense of fun to the invitation and gave us a fun device to use across other stationery elements.





“THANK YOU again for the brilliant, brilliant invitations. Not only do we love them, but everyone who has received them does too!”


Laura wanted the idea behind her wedding to be that her son would invite the guests, so she wanted a fun, playful childlike invitation – quite a different brief! It was good fun and the client was delighted –

“I LOVE IT! It is exactly what I had in mind thank youuuu!”


Another couple wanted a fun crossword created for their guests – and Ellie and Stuart, below, made up a quiz to see how well their guests really knew them. A full write up of their stationery is over on this blog post.









I really enjoyed working with Suvi and Ant on their design – again, a very clear brief with the blue colour of the Finnish flag (Suvi’s nationality), coupled with a graphic icon of their matching infinity symbol tattoos which they had designed especially for them – a very personal touch! I particularly enjoyed designing their ‘Story’ (below) which was printed onto a foam board and displayed at the reception.




STILL the lavender suite has been the most popular reselling design, 2 years on from when I first designed it for Al & Bex. It has been adapted many a time to suit different budgets, tastes and formats and I’ve added some more print options to the range with coloured spines on a beautiful thick card stock – a really nice touch. I look forward to many more adaptations and will promote some fresh font options for 2016 soon. Pricing info can be found here. 



If you or anyone you know is interested in some personalised stationery design (or Lavender!!!) then hop over here and get in touch!

Branding round up

Upon reading Jacob Cass’s write up on logo design trends for the coming year, a few things became apparent to me. Firstly, that things don’t change much over time, that ‘trends’ in branding perhaps don’t really, or shouldn’t really, exist and lastly that the logos I’ve created with my clients over the last few years are contemporary but future proof.



Over the past 12 months I’ve worked on some very exciting briefs with start ups or existing companies wanting a refresh. Flat designs will continue to dominate and not because they look clean and forthright, but because they register well in any browsing device…  They load a lot faster too.







Less is certainly more today, you only need to look at some of the big names below to see a real evolution towards simplicity, partially as a reaction to the digital world and the increasing need to communicate quickly and efficiently. The audience has evolved, which asks a logo to perform a new function.

Famous Flat Logos



Thin Lines/Mono Weight will present itself as “the fresh, clean look”. This is the use of a line, unchanging in thickness, to design and compose the entire logo in something akin to “wire”. “








Handmade logos speak of honesty. They somehow convey an effort to be intimate or personal. In summarising Cass’s write up, the key factors across these trends are, to me, a mixture of simplicity, reduction, dynamism and the ‘handmade’. The first 3 are steady unchanging characteristics of good, strong logo design, but in my own field, the latter has had a huge boost in recent years, stemming from the artisan / locally sourced food movement as well as the Pinterest generation’s move toward informal, whimsical event styling.







Above are a selection of the brands I’ve worked on in recent times. I feel satisfied that they align with the current and predicted trends in logo design, while also remaining timeless offering my clients’ branding some longevity. If you are interested in any logo or branding work please click here for more information.

Wild Flowers


Ellie and Stuart came to me through a recommendation, as their stationery supplier had let them down with timings and they were in a right pickle! With 3 weeks to design and print everything for the invitation package, it was great that Ellie had a clear idea of what she wanted. After a quick chat and sharing a few Pinterest boards with me (which coincidentally already had a design of mine on it!), I got a real feel for what Ellie and Stuart were after…





“The stationery really did look stunning and many people commented on it! So thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.”

– Ellie Germain







I particularly loved their idea of having famous quotes for the table names! The wild flowers set off the designs beautifully as captured in the stunning photography from Rob Burress of www.shootinghip.com




Love lavender…

I’ve had so many enquiries about the lavender suite I created back in 2012/13 and as a consequence of people wanting this recreated or developed into something bespoke for them, I have a few different variations on this available. I thought it might help those with a lavender theme in mind to see all the options and information in one place, and how the designs can be customised accordingly.

General and pricing information is below if you are interested in having any of the existing lavender designs for your wedding. The cost includes printing and time to amend the existing designs to your information. All fonts and layout will remain the same. If you would like a bespoke adaptation of this, please contact me for a quote.


Tied Lavender

The version with the dried lavender tied with twine was put together (and lavender supplied) by the client
and so does not come compiled with these elements, rather the card only. This options has to be printed with DUPLEX printing as it’s 700gsm and thick enough to tie the lavender onto without the card bowing. Dried lavender stems and twine are easily found on Amazon or Ebay.

The suite can come with a wooden stamp (£30.00) which is what you see at the bottom left corner of the invitation and can be used across many other bits of your stationery, including your invite/thank you card envelopes, menu, table plan etc.. and is generally a lovely keepsake! 


PRICING for duplex printing on conqueror high white wove 700gsm card including matching envelopes (please note lavender and twine NOT included)

Up to x25 £97
Up to x50 £122
Up to x75 £144
Up to x100 £164


Digital Invitations

This suite has had a lot of adaptions by clients of my mine over the years, depending on budget etc. A more cost effective solution to the tied lavender option is to print a lavender graphic instead. This can be digitally printed on an array of card options.

Please let me know if you want a swatch pack of my most popular cards posted out to you.





PRICING for A5 digital printing on Italian Gesso textured 300gsm card including matching envelopes

Up to x25 £69
Up to x50 £81
Up to x75 £94
Up to x100 £108


Wooden stamp

40mm (total height) £35 including ink pad


Stationery elements:

Pricing for RSVPs, accommodation and info cards/sheets, order of service, place cards, table cards, table plan, etc will be given once we discuss your requirements.

Enquire now!


Meet the fantastic Mr Fox…


Today, our little man Oliver was very lucky to be gifted a Button Zoo super star in the form of a fabulous fox! Our good friend Gemma – owner of the wonderful, wonderful Wonderfully Worn, no doubt devoted hours to the masterpiece, lovingly fixing each button with careful consideration to create this handsome fella. It’s kinda on our lounge wall for now until Oliver actually moves into his room/too good to hand over just yet…




You can find many other button beauties over on the website – there are loads of cool designs as well as personalised initials, names and of course entirely bespoke work too. That’s Christmas sorted!

Wonderfully Worn is also offering 10% OFF for all Twick Mum members (and incidentally – I’ve got an exclusive offer on there as well in the form of a free print! )

Lovely little package!

We had a little boy on 7th July and have been swamped with cards and gifts which has been awesome. I’ve wanted an excuse to print with Moo.com‘s gorgeous Luxe range for a long time, so I splashed the cash on sending out birth announcement / thank you cards.  The card is premium quality and doubly thick with a coloured spine all the way around (choose from cyan, magenta, yellow or black). You also get super quality envelopes and the packaging is just spectacular – a precious little bundle for my precious little bundle…